Will You?



“Why should I not receive punishment  now? If I don’t get it from you, I will from someone else.” –A ranch boy concerning consequence time.

So assured are you in the future. “I will from someone else.” Will. Will you? Whose to say you will or wont or might. You speak of the ranch, director, and peer’s actions? You speak of your own. Your own actions and there implications are your choice; your future follows suit.

Do not fall privy to the lies. Be aware of the whisper of despair, darkness, & unworthiness. They fog the mind in a deep pit of ghastly fits. You wriggle, squeal, plead against the lie. Yet, you implode. Collapse on the floor, weary of the fight, and simply become entangled by the fog in your mind.

The hope of someone entering the fog, smiting the enemy, calling out your name, and proclaiming freedom over the bondage is paramount. The reminders of your constant and ever true value start to gleam and shine into the dark haze of weakness. The strong force that protrudes every fabricated thought of darkness begins to take root.

A glimpse of true sunbeams makes an image just for an instant and there it appears in all of its glory…

Hope, amidst doubt. Grab it? Will you?

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