Gauging Levels of Laughter



There are days where you say “oh my, EPIC failures of rejection.”

Due to fears, people need your support. People need a smile, nod, a word of affirmation to know they are not the lone aliens in the world. Must the loners sit at tables with couples only to ask them the most superficial, surface questions? Just once could I hold a conversation about deeper things than your day job and house?

What a treat to discuss inside jokes, and laugh at the ones that don’t get it. Couple snobbery is such a treat. Couple snobbery.

But I digress away from couples to simple humans in community.

Please, sit & chat. Come over and find your Indian style – on the floor like you are 5 and the hot chocolate jumps on your nose. It is as if to say, “your feathers do not even compare to this rouge. Quite becoming indeed.”

Please try and remember that you are “only” allowed to speak in unintelligible accents with quick yelps of laughter, mixed with a few snorts.

But yet there are times of rejection from community and friends.  I’d stare from across the café and realize you never even gave it a chance. Pity. For I never will know our ability to laugh.

Laughter, such a grace to the societal tension.



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